Jurassic Coast Walk, Dancing Ledge

A guest article written by Steph, creator of outdoor adventure blog Destination Downtime, championing the stayction! This Quick Guide focuses on the stunning South Dorset coast.

Guest article

Quick Guide

Discover new adventures across the United Kingdom with me Steph, of Destination Downtime. Let me show you one of my favourite parts of the Dorset coastline. 

“I thought I had found my favourite Jurassic Coast walk, but this route made for some pretty tough competition. If you’re wondering where to go hiking in the UK, look no further! There is not a part of this coastline that doesn’t offer amazing views, but this section of the coast felt a little more rugged, with jagged cliff edges and steep drops into the waves crashing into the rocks below. The Jurassic Coast is a popular spot for coasteering and I can definitely see why.” Steph

8k hiking route – duration 2.5 hrs

Shortly after you set out on this route, you are rewarded with spectacular coastal views as you make your way down the hillside towards Dancing Ledge. This is a great spot on the coastline and sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the walk, with panoramic views of the Jurassic Coast at every turn. This is a quiet route which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Walking along the coastline, you will experience a variety of different terrains, making the walk a little challenging at times, but you are rewarded with fantastic views and a real sense of achievement on completion.

Jurassic Coast Walk The Dancing Ledge Dorset Fabulous Holiday Cottages
Jurassic Coast Walk The Dancing Ledge Dorset Fabulous Holiday Cottages

Starting point

The starting point for this Jurassic Coast walk is the village of Langton Matravers, similarly to many of the rural villages in Dorset the houses are built from local stone and retain plenty of character features making for a beautiful start to this walk.

As you head out of the village you are met with rolling fields with the view of the sea in the distance. Heading down towards the sea a steep winding stone pathway leads to The Dancing Ledge, a well know spot on the Jurassic Coast and one you may have heard of.

Dancing Ledge

The Dancing Ledge is an area of rock at the base of a small cliff with serval caves in the cliff face, the shallow waters here look almost turquoise. It might have been the high temperatures and unbroken sunshine but standing up on the ledge overlooking the crashing waves felt almost like being in Greece! This is a great place to stop for a picnic.

Once you have explored this area the next part of this Jurassic Coast walking route takes you through the fields along the coastline. The views are absolutely amazing, both looking along the cliff edge, and the glistening sea below. Head along the path which will lead you across the fields and to the next section of this Jurassic Coast walk.

Jurassic Coast Walk The Dancing Ledge Dorset Fabulous Holiday Cottages
Jurassic Coast Walk The Dancing Ledge Dorset Fabulous Holiday Cottages 2

The route

Use the map to navigate your route, when you reach the pathway cutting back through the fields, take this to loop back to the village of Langton Matravers. This track will lead you uphill through the fields and back towards the village.

Jurassic Coast Walk The Dancing Ledge Dorset Fabulous Holiday Cottages
Jurassic Coast Walk The Dancing Ledge Dorset Fabulous Holiday Cottages 2


Park in the village of Langford Matravers.

The walk starts from Dunford Drive, situated opposite St George’s Church. If you reach St Georges C Of E Primary School you have gone too far.

Continue to follow this road, the path will narrow and you will pass Spyway Carpark.

From this point you will be able to see the ocean in the distance. Walk towards the sea, you will follow a path which leads down the steep hill side and towards Dancing Ledge.

Continue to follow the coast path alongside the coastline.

When you reach Seacombe Cliff, you need to take the path heading back inland.

Follow the path until you reach the road, when you reach the road turn right and start to walk back towards Langton Matravers.

Follow the signs back down the road to Langton Matravers and return to the starting point.

Places to stay on holiday in Dorset

Dorset is a truly unique place, on its south border is the Jurassic Coast, England’s natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its heart is perfect for walking, with miles and miles of footpaths and bridleways that take you through some stunning countryside.

Discover your next holiday hideaway in this fabulous part of the South Dorset Coast.


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