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Fab Holiday Homes with the Best Bath Tubs to Soak in

And… relax! Discover some of our best soak-worthy holiday homes and cottages from around England & Wales. Here’s just a few we had to show you.

Top Picks

When we inspect holiday cottages and places to stay to add to our collection, it’s the little details that catch our attention. A feature bath is always a winner here!

Whether you’re usually a bath person or strictly showers, there’s something about staying in a home with a beautiful bath that calls for a good long soak. We’re not all lucky enough to have a spectacular tub in our own homes – but you can choose a holiday cottage from our featured collection that comes equipped with one.

Unique holiday cottages with the best bath tubs to soak in

There’s something about fancy bathtubs that make a luxury escape even more extravagant, from al fresco tubs to copper roll-tops with tonnes of character. When life calls for a long soak, lots of bubbles, we have just the solution for you.

We’ve scoured our collection of cottages in England and Wales and handpicked a few breathtaking cottages for their fabulous bathtubs that we know will add an extra slice of luxury and indulgence your holiday.

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