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Fabulous Holiday Cottages is a ‘showcase’, a catalogue of fabulous and unique places to stay. Our strategy was to create a unique, engaging experience that offers the functionality expected in a modern day, directory travel website with a touch of creativity and style.

Determined from day one to celebrate difference, not standardisation, championing unique places to stay and to challenge the blandness of modern travel websites.

We’re a creative, marketing and design agency who know a thing or two about travel and vacation homes in the UK.

Marketing strategy

With over 20 years experience in design and marketing we never stray away from our core values. We keep the message Consistent, Branded & Focused at all times.

Besides from promoting homes on our network of websites, our comprehensive marketing covers multiple levels. We maintain a strong social media presence and utilise this to full effect coupled with paid advertising and ‘re-targeting’ across main search engines.
Marketing Strategy at Fabulous Holiday Cottages

No bloating, no fuss, just fabulous places to stay! We don’t over complicate our message, we never shower visitors with marketing buzzwords, gimmicks or stray away from what we do.

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It’s all about Fabulous homes

We personally select every property you will see on Fabulous Holiday Cottages, these from our carefully chosen partners. We review every home, and shortlist the ones with great reviews, unique design and in fabulous locations.

Ultimately, if the property is somewhere we would stay ourselves and it satisfies the above criteria, only then will we consider showcasing it.
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