The Best Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages: Embracing Getaways with Your Furry Companion

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Going on a holiday is a time of relaxation and exploration and what better way to enhance your vacation than by bringing along your four-legged friend?

Experiencing new places and activities together with your pooch certainly adds a unique layer of excitement to your journey.

Going on a holiday is all about breaking free from the routine, unwinding, and creating lasting memories. What could be more delightful than sharing this experience with your faithful furry companion?

Our pet-friendly cottages are ‘pawfect’ where pooches and well behaved humans are welcome.

When it comes to planning a vacation that involves your dog, the choice of dog friendly holiday accommodation becomes a pivotal factor. This is where dog friendly holiday cottages step in, offering a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and pet-welcoming ambience.

These cottages go the extra mile to ensure that both you and your dog feel right at home, with amenities catering to your furry friend’s needs. From spacious gardens to roam about to cozy corners for relaxation, these accommodations are tailor-made to guarantee a seamless and enjoyable stay for you both.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in the UK: Embracing Getaways with Your Furry Companion
// Explore dog-friendly beaches on holiday

Our top dog-friendly destinations across the UK

If you’re a dog owner, you know that leaving your furry friend behind when you go on holiday can be tough. Fortunately we showcase a wide selection of dog-dog-friendly holiday lets, from cozy retreats to seaside escapes, we have everything you’ll need to plan the perfect holiday with your canine companion.

  • Dog-friendly holidays in Norfolk: The county of Norfolk is the perfect location, with numerous cottages that are both dog-friendly and in fabulous destinations! From large open spaces by the coast to quiet countryside cottages, Norfolk provides endless opportunities for canine adventures.
  • Dog-friendly holidays in Cornwall: Cornwall is renowned for its stunning coastline, picturesque villages, and charming beaches. Cornwall offers an array of dog-friendly cottages that serve as an excellent base for exploring the region’s beauty. From long walks along sandy shores to exploring coastal trails, you and your dog can revel in the captivating landscape.
  • Dog-friendly holidays in the Lake District: The Lake District’s rugged terrains and rolling hills make it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and their furry friends. Many holiday cottages in this region are designed to cater to dogs. Embark on invigorating hikes, breathe in the fresh countryside air, and let your dog’s boundless energy find its match amidst the natural splendour of the Lake District.
  • Dog-friendly holidays in the Cotswolds: The Cotswolds exude quintessential English charm with their honey-hued villages and perfect landscapes. It also provides a range of dog friendly holiday cottages where dogs are more than welcome. Explore the cobbled streets, visit dog-friendly pubs, and enjoy leisurely strolls through meadows, all while soaking in the timeless beauty of the Cotswolds alongside your furry friend.

Here’s a selection of our newest dog friendly holiday cottages in the UK

If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday for you and your dog then a luxury holiday cottage is the perfect choice. Here are a few of our newest, best places to stay taken from our dog friendly cottages collection, just to get you started:

  • Nr Glastonbury, Somerset • Bedrooms 1
    Charm, The Little Burrow

    Contemporary underground hideaway set in rural Somerset near Wells and Glastonbury with a fairy-tale atmosphere ideal for a couple or small family holiday in this beautiful part of the South West.

  • Holme, Norfolk Coast • Bedrooms 4
    High Road Farm House

    Nestled between the charming coastal villages of Holme-next-the-Sea and Thornham, High Road Farm House is perfectly situated for exploring the breathtaking North Norfolk coast.

  • Beesands, South Devon • Bedrooms 3
    Beam Ends

    With plenty of stunning space both inside and out, this spectacular coastal holiday home is perfect for celebrations and family holidays any time of year on the stunning south Devon coast.

  • St Ives, Cornwall • Bedrooms 3
    Tathra Beach Cottage

    A beautiful character holiday cottage sitting right opposite Barbara Hepworth’s Sculpture Garden and Studio, just 100 yards from Harbour beach at St Ives on the fabulous Cornish coast.

  • Wollacombe, North Devon • Bedrooms 4
    No.5 The Vista

    Just two miles from Woolacombe Beach on the North Devon coast, this gorgeous Eco-home blends countryside quiet with beach holiday bliss to offer a superb retreat for family and friends.

  • Praa Sands, Cornwall Coast • Bedrooms 3
    Blue Yonder

Enjoy a paw-sitive getaway in one of our holiday cottages

Planning a holiday with your dog isn’t just about taking a break; it’s about embarking on an adventure hand in paw. Whether it’s the captivating coastline of Cornwall, the untamed wilderness of the Lake District, or the enchanting villages of the Cotswolds, the UK boasts a plethora of canine cottages for a memorable and dog inclusive vacation. So pack your bags, leash up your pup, and embark on a journey that promises tail wags, joyful barks, and a whole lot of cherished moments.

As the travel industry increasingly embraces pet-friendly accommodations, the possibilities for unforgettable vacations with your canine companion are expanding.

Choose from a range of dog friendly retreats, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you prefer a cozy cottage with a fireplace or a spacious retreat with stunning views, you’ll find the perfect option to suit your needs. Here are some other articles that may help you plan your trip:

Here’s some of the best dog-friendly beaches you could visit:
Holkham Beach, Norfolk.
Fistral Beach, Cornwall
Saunton Sands, Devon
Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire
Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire.

There are certain things that you should look out for to ensure that your furry friend has the best possible experience. One of these is an enclosed garden area where they can safely play and explore. Additionally, nearby walking trails or parks with pet-friendly facilities that can give your pup plenty of exercise and scampering about time.

A big blanket can be useful if you let your dog sleep on the bed, as this is usually frowned upon at holiday homes. Some holiday cottages will provide a bed for your dog to sleep in, so a blanket with their smells is a good idea line the bed with. To save room in your luggage, add your blankets and dog bed to the base of the crate in your car boot so your pooch can get cosy in the car.

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