A Grand Adventure Awaits: Explore Our TOP Staycation Destinations

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You don’t always need to leave the country to have a fabulous holiday, England is a never-ending feast for the eyes.

With England’s top staycation destinations, the adventure begins right on your doorstep, explore with us a little more and you simply don’t want to leave.

A Grand Adventure Awaits: Explore England’s Top 10 Staycation Destinations
England is eccentric, exhilarating and endlessly intriguing, why holiday anywhere else? It might not be the largest country in the world, but it has everything you could want from a holiday – sandy beaches, dramatic views, world-class culture, history and excellent food.

It might be small, but England packs a lot of scenery into its pint-sized shores: green fields and rumpled hills, chalk cliffs and breezy plains, ancient woods and moody moorland. There are 10 national parks, 34 Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) and miles of craggy, beach-fringed coastline – 2795 miles, in fact, making England’s coast one of Europe’s longest, and the only one to have a public coast path the whole way round.

Why not get to know England better? You never know, you might just fall in love with it a little more than you already are. Not only does England have a diverse range of holiday destinations, but it also boasts a rich history and culture. From ancient castles to medieval cathedrals, you can immerse yourself in the country’s fascinating past. England’s heritage is everywhere you turn, making it the perfect destination for history buffs and culture vultures.

Here’s five of our top holiday destinations to get you started:

  • Holiday in Norfolk: With its rolling countryside, award-winning beaches and rich cultural history, North Norfolk is one of the best and arguably our most popular destination for holidaymakers in England. The spectacular, unspoilt coastline is the biggest attraction in the region, this is big sky county where the sky meets the sea.
  • Holiday in Devon: Often considered one of the most beautiful regions of the UK, the rolling countryside and breath-taking coastline makes Devon one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. With such spectacular scenery and an abundance of attractions, no two visits to Devon are the same. 
  • Holiday in the Cotswolds: Timeless, beautiful, quintessential rural England, The Cotswolds are celebrated the world over and its honey-coloured, stone cottages and rolling open countryside define the region. The Cotswolds is one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations.
  • Holiday in the Lake District: Nestled in the North West of England, the rolling landscape, glacial waters, dense forests, and snow-capped mountains need to be seen in person to fully appreciate this dramatic landscape. Home to England’s largest National Park and Unesco world heritage site

Here is our top staycation destinations in England

Below is by no means a definitive list, this a showcase of our Top destinations in England.

Why choose England for a staycation?

Embrace the grand adventure that awaits in our top staycation destinations in England! From picturesque countryside escapes to vibrant city breaks, there is something for everyone to explore. Immerse yourself in the history and charm of the Cotswolds, where idyllic stone cottages and rolling hills await. Or perhaps you prefer the serene beauty of the Lake District, with its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities galore. For a taste of cultural sophistication, why not venture to the capital and discover the iconic landmarks and world-class museums of London?

Whether you seek relaxation by the sea in Cornwall or the rugged beauty of the Lake District, our staycation destinations in England offer a diverse range of experiences and holiday cottage collections.

At Fabulous Holiday Cottages we don’t showcase a lot of homes, just the fabulous ones. We’ve personally selected every single one on our website, from barns and bothies to lighthouses, farmhouses and some more traditional holiday cottages in England.

Discover hidden gems, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and connect with nature in these remarkable locations. Explore charming villages, uncover historic sites, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. With England’s top staycation destinations, the adventure begins right on your doorstep. So pack your bags, fuel your wanderlust, and embark on a journey that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Take a look at some of our top, inspiring collections below to help get you started:

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